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Dr. Grant A. Fairbanks specializes in plastic surgery for ear deformities.  To discover the beautiful and artistic results he can provide for you or your child…

Picture of a girl with a microtic ear to represent information on microtiaMicrotia

Small ear

Microtia is a birth defect where a child is born with a small, malformed ear. Though the cause of microtia and how to prevent it from occurring is unknown, we are able to construct an ear using a child’s own living tissue. This article describes microtia and microtia treatments in detail and contains a list of before and after pictures of both children and adults.

Picture of a girl with protruding ears to represent the otoplasty surgeryOtoplasty

ear pinning

Protruding ears that stick out prominently from the head are considered to be less-than-attractive in our society. Children with this deformity can have a difficult time as they become the object of peer ridicule. This article discusses the surgical options available to correct this deformity.


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